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When it comes to masonry, restoration and repair is a broad umbrella term that includes anything from full buildings to minor repointing and unit replacement projects. Here at Craigmhor we have the expertise and knowledge to work within the historical restoration sector of our trade. We are successful at seamlessly blending in new products and materials on repair projects, no matter the size.


Are you noticing brick chips in the garden below your chimney? Maybe even seen some faces of the brick missing from the top courses? Here at Craigmhor, we can help! With over a decade in the masonry field we have repaired our fair share of chimneys. We believe your home should look its best, so we apply the most modern methods when repairing or building your chimney or fireplace.

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No two jobs are the same. Here at Craigmhor we believe in creating not only a pleasant customer experience but also a unique final product. We easily navigate our suppliers and coordinate all logistics so our clients don’t need to lift a finger. We recommend quality and trusted products for a superior final product. Shouldn’t your project stand out? Call Craigmhor to help bring your vision to life.


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