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At Craigmhor Construction we have over a decade of experience in the Masonry trade, with a strong background in Historical Restoration. We are trained in Conventional Masonry Brick and Block Laying, and specialized in Traditional and Modern Stone Masonry. Craigmhor Staff are experienced tradespeople who instinctively adhere to safety standards, respect the client’s property and ensure the client’s needs are met.


Craigmhor Construction and its workers are WSIB certified and covered. We also carry our own liability insurance, which covers us for residential and commercial projects. Our Masons are Red Seal Certified by the Ontario Government. All workers using or setting up equipment have been trained and certified. This includes scaffold, cherry pickers, scissor lifts, power tools, etc.


Our clients always come first. We take our time with our client’s to ensure their needs are heard and met. We meet in person with our clients to see and discuss the job, maintain communication throughout all project stages, and provide education based on our expertise. We will bring samples of products for the client to decide on which ones best suit their vision. We offer custom mortar matching and brick matching.

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